8 Unusual Ways to Remember to Floss!

Did you know that daily flossing adds on average 6.3 years to your life span? According to Michael F. Roizen, MD in his book, Real Age, the daily task of flossing helps to keep your arteries younger and your immune system stronger.

  • ONLY, 28% of Canadians floss at least 5 times a week or are regular flossers at all.

So if gum disease and a host of other major health issues aren’t enough to remind you to bring out that little container of waxed string, here are 8 unusual ways to squeeze in 2 minutes to floss your teeth…

1)      Floss when you first get up in the morning –Floss before you brush!

2)      Floss in the shower- Wash your face, hair, brush your teeth, and floss! Get err done!

3)      Stuck in traffic? Keep it in the glovebox and whip it out to your favourite tunes!

4)      Lunch break at work- After eating of course, keep it close by!

5)      Watching YouTube videos- or any TV shows or movies. Especially after popcorn!

6)      Floss in the evening before bed – Sometimes this is the easiest time to remember.

7)      Floss after exercising- Build a routine, and one that feels good!

8)   Take an after dinner break and floss– it’s always a good time after you eat.

So it Proven- squeezing in 2 minutes to floss is actually quite easy.

21 days of consistent flossing forms a habit! You up for the challenge??.

Happy Flossing!